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Introducing Le Chat by Mistral AI: Your Gateway to AI Conversations Beyond ChatGPT

Discover 'Le Chat' by Mistral AI, a revolutionary conversational AI rivaling ChatGPT. Explore a new level of interactive experiences!
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The Mistral AI startup, a rising star in the AI field and a fervent advocate of open source, continues to develop its models and gradually carve out a place for itself alongside the market's dominant players, such as OpenAI or Google. We take a look at the latest news!

Introducing Le Chat by Mistral AI: Your Gateway to AI Conversations Beyond ChatGPT

Mistral AI presents "Le Chat" and Mistral Large.

In a blog post published on February 26, Mistral AI revealed Le Chat, a conversational service like ChatGPT, available free of charge in the beta version. Once you access Mistral Chat, you can select the AI model of your choice via an option at the top right of the interface. There are three different models to choose from, including Mistral Large, GPT-4's rival, which can be used by businesses in particular.

Here are the three models available on Le Chat:

  • Mistral Large: the model with superior reasoning capabilities,
  • Next: the shortest, most concise model,
  • Small: the fast and economical model.

You can test Mistral Chat at

For the moment, this is a test phase rather than a major launch. The French startup prefers to be cautious and indicates that errors are possible. Chat won't be able to answer everything correctly, as it doesn't yet have access to real-time web data.

Note that Chat cannot currently access the Internet to engage in discussions, so it may be inaccurate or respond with outdated information, Mistral AI warns.

Here's Mistral's chat interface. We asked him a question about his competitor, and he answered.

Mistral Large, the GPT-4 rival

Mistral Large is the new AI model unveiled by the French startup, capable of interacting not only in English but also in French, Spanish, German, and Italian. According to Mistral's data, it is the 2nd most powerful AI model for multitasking, just behind GPT-4 (see front page). It would then surpass Anthropic's Claude 2, Google's Gemini Pro, ChatGPT's GPT-3.5, and Meta's Llama 2 70B.

Mistral Large [...] achieves high-level reasoning capabilities. It can be used for complex multilingual reasoning tasks, including text comprehension, transformation, and code generation.

Like OpenAI, Mistral is also announcing a partnership with Microsoft that will enable them to offer the Mistral Large model to Azure AI customers.

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