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How to Elevate Your WhatsApp Messages: Mastering Bulleted Lists, Quotes, and Code Formatting

Enhance Your WhatsApp Chats with New Formatting Options: Discover How to Use Bulleted Lists, Quotes, and More for Clearer Communication!
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WhatsApp adds shortcuts for text formatting

How to Elevate Your WhatsApp Messages: Mastering Bulleted Lists, Quotes, and Code Formatting

WhatsApp lets you change the formatting of text within your messages. And this is nothing new: for several years now, it has been possible to write messages in bold, italics, strikethrough, or with fixed-cast lettering (i.e., more spaced out). Meta has now added four new editing options, each with its own shortcut. From now on, instant messaging users will be able to quickly create bulleted and numbered lists, generate a quotation block, and write code.

In development since summer 2023, these four new formatting shortcuts are currently being rolled out to users of Android, iOS, web, and Mac versions. These options are also supported on broadcast channels, giving administrators more freedom to offer more visually appealing content. These new features are in addition to the latest ones, including the ability to create your own stickers or pin a message to the top of a discussion.

How to use the new WhatsApp shortcuts

The new text formatting shortcuts are used in the same way as those already available. For example, all you had to do was add a star at the beginning and end of a message to see it appear in bold. The same applies to lists, quotation blocks, and code blocks.

Bulleted list: - Message
Numbered list: 1. message
Quotation block: > Message
Line of code: Message

For lists, a new bullet point or the following number appears at line change. Remember also to respect spaces, or their absence, and, of course, replace Message with your message! As a reminder, here are the commands for existing shortcuts:

  • Bold: *Message*
  • Italic: _Message_
  • Strikethrough: ~Message~
  • Fixed hunting: « `Message` »

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