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Revamp Your LinkedIn Ads Strategy with These 7 New Features for Optimal Campaign Performance!

Discover how 7 new LinkedIn Ads features can supercharge your advertising campaigns. Stay ahead of the competition and optimize your strategy today!
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Are you looking to improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn and maximize your return on investment? Staying on top of the latest trends today is important to ensure visibility and growth for your brand (or your customers). How can you take advantage of new LinkedIn ad features to outperform your competitors and achieve your marketing goals more effectively? Discover in this article the seven latest new LinkedIn Ads features that will help you optimize your actions for improved results.

Revamp Your LinkedIn Ads Strategy with These 7 New Features for Optimal Campaign Performance!

2 improvements to sponsored message campaigns

LinkedIn has introduced two new features for sponsored message campaigns:

Max Delivery bidding strategy and item optimization using AI.

The maximum delivery strategy (automated bidding) uses machine learning to make automatic bids for you and optimize your advertising budget on LinkedIn. Based on your campaign objective, Max Delivery automatically adjusts your bid to deliver the most possible key results (clicks, impressions, conversions, or sends) with your full budget.

These two improvements should help you better optimize your campaigns: The acceptance rate for sponsored messages is on average 45% higher with objects generated by AI, according to the first data communicated by the social network.

Sponsoring articles published on LinkedIn is now possible!

It is now possible to sponsor LinkedIn articles, amplifying the reach of your long-form content on the platform.

This new feature should delight creators of long content and fans of copywriting.

The first users of this new feature observed a CTR three times higher with sponsored articles compared to “single image” type advertisements.

Launch of advertisements for non-employee opinion leaders

Opinion Leader Ads are expanded to allow sponsorship of influential content from any member, including those outside your organization.

This approach relies on influencer marketing and promotion through customer testimonials to strengthen the credibility of your brand in an authentic and impactful way.

Dynamic UTMs

Dynamic UTMs automate the addition of UTM parameters to track the impact of LinkedIn ads on web traffic, simplifying the process that was previously manual.

This solution allows for a significant improvement in efficiency and reduces errors in tracking advertising performance.

Boosting for Lead Generation

The Lead Generation Boosting feature now allows you to link Lead Generation Forms to boosted posts from your LinkedIn page.

You can now transform your high-performance organic content into lead magnets directly from the Campaign Manager.

Shutterstock integration

With the new free Shutterstock integration in the Campaign Manager, you can now access a royalty-free stock image library of more than 370 million professional images for free, at no extra cost to you.

This asset is specially designed for SMEs, most of which do not have access to royalty-free image banks.

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