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Empower Your Online Safety: SafeSearch in Search Console Offers Enhanced Control Over Explicit Content!

Empower your online safety with SafeSearch in Search Console! Gain better control over explicit content for a safer browsing experience. Learn more!
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 Google announces the integration of SafeSearch with the Search Console for more precise management of explicit content. If you still see this type of content despite enabling the SafeSearch filter, the tool will allow you to report this page.

Empower Your Online Safety: SafeSearch in Search Console Offers Enhanced Control Over Explicit Content!

What you must remember is: 

  • Google has moved the functionality of its SafeSearch tool to Search Console. 
  • Despite this interface change, SafeSearch's explicit content level control remains unchanged. 
  • The integration aims to simplify access to the SafeSearch tool alongside other essential SEO tools.

SafeSearch integration with the Search Console

Google's SafeSearch tool has migrated to the Search Console. This integration allows site owners to control the level of explicit content in their search results. 

If you find that you are still seeing this type of content in your results, even though your SafeSearch filter is enabled, you can use the tool to report any inappropriate pages

By moving this form, Google wants to offer a more consistent experience, with different tools available in the same place. 

The development was announced on the X account (Twitter) of Google Search Central: 

Is there a way to denounce your competitors?

No, in any case, that is not the objective of this tool, although some SEOs see it as a way to report competitors. Of course, if the page in question does not actually contain explicit content, it does not. There is no reason for her to suffer a penalty

Please note that this SafeSearch form is different from the anti-spam form, which allows you to report a page that is misleading, contains spam, or is of poor quality. The SafeSearch form only applies to explicit results, while the anti-spam form is more global. Moreover, SEOs also think that this form is used improperly against its competitors. If it works, Only if the competitor's site is of very poor quality, certainly 😁

What is the SafeSearch tool?

Google's SafeSearch tool offers site owners the ability to filter explicit content from their search results. This filter, accessible as soon as you do a search, offers you several possibilities: completely filter explicit results (so that they do not appear at all), blur them, or deactivate the filter if that does not bother you—or if this is what you are looking for.

The form is only used to report pages that pass the SafeSearch filter, even if their content is explicit. 

SafeSearch in Search Console - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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