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Transform Your Galaxy S24 Ultra into a Tesla Cybertruck: The Ultimate Case at an Unbelievable Price!

Unlock the future: Galaxy S24 Ultra meets Tesla Cybertruck in this mind-blowing case at an unbelievable price. Transform your phone today!
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Do you have $9,000 to spare and love the Tesla Cybertruck? Treat yourself to this case inspired by the futuristic SUV and intended for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This is a product from the Caviar brand, specializing in custom items sold at a steep price.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra turns into a Tesla Cybertruck with this case at an absurd priceThe Galaxy S24 Ultra turns into a Tesla Cybertruck with this case at an absurd price

Cavier launches a Cybertruck case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.
This luxury product is sold at the hefty price of $9,000
Tesla's Cybertruck is a futuristic SUV that is very popular with fans of the manufacturer. Unsurprisingly, the firm even prohibits its resale to avoid scalpers. And today, the vehicle crosses paths with Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra. An excellent smartphone, according to our test, is equipped with a Cybertruck shell and sold at a high price by the Caviar brand.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra Cybertruck case costs $9,000

Caviar has been present in the telephony market for a very long time. Its products are often talked about for being very bling-bling with luxury materials and a flashy appearance. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is no exception since the high-end smartphone is equipped with a Cybertruck shell. You really have to appreciate the design of the vehicle, of course, but above all, have the backs strong enough to buy it since its price is around $9,000.

Suffice it to say that the Cybertruck case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra is intended for a niche audience that is sufficiently wealthy and/or passionate to obtain it. It's easy to imagine that the main buyers are those who drive this bulletproof SUV as opposed to this protection.

Caviar's Cybertruck shell was made of titanium and features elements of the car, such as the white lines and taillights with touches of red.

A total bill of more than $10,000

On the Samsung website, the Galaxy S24 Ultra with 256 GB of storage starts at 1469 euros and extends to 1829 euros for 1 TB of storage. Since we imagine that an owner of the Cybertruck hull necessarily has the highest version in his pocket, the final bill therefore exceeds the symbolic bar of $10,000. As a reminder, this is one of the best smartphones on the market, capable of taking impressive videos of the Earth from space.

The Galaxy S24 range relies heavily on AI, which has been integrated into its operation via Galaxy AI. Samsung is aware that this is a technology that will shake things up in the years to come. It is better to position yourself from the start in the face of the already very strong competition in this sector.

Transform Your Galaxy S24 Ultra with this Tesla Cybertruck Case - FAQ

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