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Enhanced Google Analytics 4: Seamlessly Integrated with Google Ads for Enhanced Insights!

Discover the latest updates from Google, as Google Analytics 4 introduces a unified experience with Google Ads. Gain deeper insights and optimization!
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Google unifies conversions between ads and analytics.

In a blog post published this Thursday, March 21, Google announced a significant update to Google Analytics 4, with the addition of features aimed at better measuring campaign performance. Concretely, Google wants to allow Analytics and Google Ads users to compare metrics related to consumer behavior between the two platforms. To this end, key events will soon be integrated into GA 4, replacing the conversions currently offered. They will be aligned with Google Ads indicators.

Enhanced Google Analytics 4: Seamlessly Integrated with Google Ads for Enhanced Insights!

Key events allow site and app owners to continue to consistently measure the most important behaviors across their websites and apps to optimize their users' experiences. Thanks to this update, a conversion will be the same whether it appears in your Google Ads report or in a Google Analytics report, as Google specifies in its blog post.

Additionally, users who have linked their Google Ads account to Analytics will now be able to access “consistent conversions in the Ads workspace for reporting on campaign performance”. Cross-channel conversion reporting, extending beyond Google Ads, will also be accessible in GA4. The various changes will be integrated automatically starting today.

Enhanced Google Analytics 4: Seamlessly Integrated with Google Ads for Enhanced Insights!

“Key events” are arriving in Google Analytics 4. © Google

Google prepares the web without third-party cookies.

In 2024, marketers will need to prepare for the end of third-party cookies by adopting data collection practices that are more respectful of user privacy. With this in mind, Google confirms that the Privacy Sandbox Protected Audience API will soon be supported by GA4. integration, which should allow advertisers to reach their audience without using third-party cookies.

The firm also recalls the measures recently put in place to strengthen support for improved conversions, using secure and consented first-party data, with the aim of obtaining a more precise vision of performance.

To analyze your audience and access data that respects the confidentiality of Internet users and complies with GDPR requirements, numerous web analytics solutions are available on the market. 

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