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Exciting Update: Instagram's New 15-Slide Carousels Are Here! Get the Inside Scoop

Discover the future of Instagram posts! Experience the joy of sharing up to 15 pieces of content in a single carousel. Learn more about this update.
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Soon, 15 contents in carousels on Instagram?

Instagram is, once again, testing a new option with a sample of users: the ability to include up to 15 visuals (photos or videos) within a single carousel, which cannot, currently, contain only 10 slides.

Instagram is testing 15-slide carousels: what you need to know

The novelty was spotted by certain users of the platform, obviously chosen by the social network to participate in the experiment. Instagram has since confirmed testing the ability to “add more than 10 photos in a carousel publication with a small group of people” in the columns of the specialized media Social Media Today. According to some users, the new limit could be set at 20 contents, but this information has, at this stage, neither been confirmed nor denied. The social network has also not announced a deployment date.

The modification, which may seem innocuous, however, offers new perspectives for brands, which would thus benefit from more space to promote their products or services, share their expertise, or provide context for their publications.

The carousel, a format appreciated and frequently reworked by Instagram

The carousel format, particularly appreciated on the platform for its ability to generate more engagement and interactions, has been frequently reworked in recent months. In August 2023, Instagram first offered the possibility of associating music with slides before experimenting, a few weeks later, with a collaborative carousel format, including the possibility of integrating more than 10 contents. More recently, the platform would also have been working on the development of a carousel function for its Reels format in order to open up new perspectives in terms of narrative formats for users and brands.

These successive redesigns can be seen as a response to TikTok's new strategy, which now seems to want to capitalize on its photo carousel format. As a reminder, the social network developed by ByteDance allows you to include up to 35 pieces of content in a carousel.

Instagram's 15-Slide Carousel Update - FAQ

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