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iOS 17.4 Update: Explore Exciting New Features on Your iPhone

Discover the latest features in Apple's iOS 17.4 update. Stay informed about the newest enhancements for your iPhone.
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The deployment of iOS 17.4 marks a turning point for Apple.

Traditionally, an iOS update is accompanied by a series of additions or fixes for the iPhone, as evidenced by the implementation of the Theft Protection function on the iOS 17.3 version or the application Journal on iOS 17.2, but without automatically generating a revolution for the user. The deployment of iOS version 17.4, which began on March 5, is therefore an exception, since it marks a turning point in Apple's recent history.

iOS 17.4 update showcasing new features on iPhone

Forced to adapt to the rules laid down by the Digital Markets Act (DMA), a European legislative package aimed at limiting anti-competitive practices, the Cupertino company announced in January a series of changes that apply in parallel with the deployment of iOS 17.4. These changes concern its Safari browser, its App Store application store, and its iOS operating system, services that had previously been cataloged as “essential platform services” by the European Union.

As explained in our article, the implementation of the DMA notably leads to a decompartmentalization of the App Store, allowing developers to market the iOS version of an application in alternative stores. Another consequence is that the company is now required to explicitly offer an alternative to its Safari browser. When you first open the app after downloading iOS 17.4, a pop-up will prompt you to continue with this browser or to opt for a competing solution like Google Chrome or Ecosia.

But that's not all: this version also comes with some additions for users, which we present to you in this article.

1. Automatic transcription on Apple Podcasts

The application dedicated to Apple Podcasts is equipped with new automatic transcription functionality in order to strengthen its accessibility. From now on, each episode published on the platform will be transcribed by Apple shortly after its broadcast. The script will appear on the screen during playback. Creators will also be able to integrate their own transcriptions on the platform.

Automatic transcription on Apple Podcasts

2. A minor update to the battery tab

It is now possible, in the Battery section of the Settings application, to more easily gauge the health of your battery. A new tab tells you, in fact, if the state of the component is considered “normal” or if the recurrence of load cycles has progressively deteriorated it. A second tab, called Load Optimization, tells you if your current configuration is helping to extend its lifespan.

3. Adding 118 new emojis

The iOS 17.4 version will be accompanied by the addition of 118 emojis, including several new concepts already presented by Emojipedia:

  • A face that nods,
  • A face that refutes
  • A phoenix,
  • A lime,
  • A brown mushroom,
  • A broken link,
  • Non-binary families.

In addition, it will be possible to change the direction of certain emojis, initially oriented to the left. This modification applies to all variations of the emoji concerned (see below).

Adding 118 new emojis

4. Improved device theft protection feature

Introduced in version iOS 17.3, this anti-theft function benefits from a slight modification in this latest iteration. Now, users can choose to enable Safe Timeout permanently or do it exclusively when the iPhone is not geolocated to a known location (like home or work).

Improved device theft protection feature

5. Siri's language capabilities are improving.

In addition to the main language, configured by default, Siri will also be able to read messages in other languages. The additional language can be added by going to Siri and Search, then Messages with Siri“Siri will also read messages written in the languages on this list,” specifies Apple. This will not change the primary language Siri uses for listening and responding.

How to download iOS 17.4 to your iPhone

It is possible to benefit from the new features of this update now by following these steps:

  • Go to the Settings application.
  • Select the General tab,
  • Tap Software Update.
  • You should be offered to download the iOS 17.4 version; click Install.

Apple recommends, for each update download, connecting to a Wi-Fi network and plugging the device into a power source.

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