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LinkedIn's Upcoming Video Feed: A TikTok-Inspired Experience on the Horizon?

LinkedIn hints at a new video feed, aligning with users' craving for more video content. Discover what this new integration could mean for your feed.
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LinkedIn to develop its own TikTok clone

Like YouTube with its Shorts, Instagram with its Reels, or Snapchat with Spotlight, LinkedIn plans to experiment with a video feed inspired by TikTok, the platform confirmed to the American media outlet TechCrunch. Currently in the testing phase with a limited number of users, this new channel was spotted by Austin Null, strategic director of an American influencer marketing agency.

LinkedIn's Upcoming Video Feed: A TikTok-Inspired Experience on the Horizon?

As shown in the preview shared on its LinkedIn profile, visible below, this vertical feed, soberly called Video, should be integrated into the navigation bar and function in a manner comparable to that of TikTok. It will thus be possible to scroll, share, like, or comment on the content presented in the feed, which will likely cover topics related to the professional world or personal development, to respect the implicit conventions of the platform. Speaking to TechCrunch, LinkedIn did not detail how the algorithm works or the criteria determining the selection of content. In addition, no deployment date has been communicated, the social network having simply specified that the functionality was in the “preliminary testing phase." . It is also difficult to predict whether this content can be monetized in the future.

Video: a format on the rise on LinkedIn?

The platform, which has increased the number of features added since the start of 2024 and at the same time modified its algorithm, seems to want to change strategy with the imminent integration of this video stream. This should make it possible to further promote “cold” and timeless content, as desired by two platform executives in the Problem Solvers podcast, from the Entrepreneur media outlet.

During its discussions with TechCrunch, LinkedIn highlighted the progressive enthusiasm of its users for the video format, a trend that is corroborated by the figures. In its latest study on LinkedIn, Metricool revealed that the video format generated, on average, "a high comment rate, similar to that of carousel or image formats,"  although the engagement rate was only slightly higher than that of purely textual publications. The company had also noted users' interest in short videos, with viewing times hovering between 13 and 15 seconds on LinkedIn. It remains to be seen whether the content will succeed in distinguishing itself from that published on other platforms or whether recycling and variation of assets will become the new norm.

LinkedIn's New Video Feed - FAQs

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