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Exclusive Insights: Twitch's 2024 Strategy Focuses on Monetization, Mobile Innovation, and Security Enhancements

Discover Twitch's new strategies for 2024: focus on monetization, improved mobile app, and enhanced security.
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Dan Clancy, CEO of Twitch, celebrates his first year leading the streaming platform by sharing his vision for 2024, focused on growing communities, improving the streamer experience, revamping the mobile app, and strengthening security.

Twitch 2024 priorities: Monetization, Mobile Application, Security

Supporting the development of communities on Twitch

Dan Clancy persists in his belief in the importance of supporting creators in the development of their communities. “Building community takes time and commitment. For Twitch, live streaming is not a hobby or pastime,” he says.

Twitch plans to introduce features improving communication between streamers and viewers, notably working on improving its recommendation algorithm to promote the discovery of channels aligned with user preferences.

Monetization and partnerships with brands

Monetization remains a major challenge. “We launched and recently expanded the Plus program to offer eligible streamers a higher revenue share,” said Dan Clancy, emphasizing efforts to diversify streamers' revenue streams.

Twitch would like to facilitate access to partnerships with brands, diversify remuneration possibilities, and develop affiliate programs for new broadcasters.

An improved mobile application

In 2024, Twitch plans to redesign its mobile app, the first major update since 2019. “Mobile viewing allows viewers to stay connected,” he said. The update will include improvements to notifications, the chat system, and optimization of data consumption.

Reinforced security and moderation

Security remains a priority for Twitch.

“Safety remains a top priority for all of our teams,” says Dan Clancy. The platform will strengthen its automatic moderation tools and the team responsible for monitoring reports, for better handling of problems and increased responsiveness to harmful behavior.

Twitch plans to improve its existing moderation tools. “We have focused our efforts on improving our existing moderation tools.” This initiative includes the introduction of new features such as the Group Reporting Tool and Moderator Comment Sharing to facilitate management and responsiveness to inappropriate or illegal content.

In a move aimed at making moderation more flexible and accessible, Twitch is extending its moderation tools to the mobile version to facilitate moderation wherever users are.

Twitch continues its fight against harassment on the platform by developing tools to better detect and block harassment before it appears in chats. The updated Community Guidelines will include updated definitions of harm and tougher penalties for certain types of harassment.

The platform also works on the equitable application of Community Guidelines to ensure that suspensions correspond to the severity of the harm.

Twitch 2024 priorities: Monetization, Mobile Application, Security - FAQ

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