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YouTube AI Content Reporting: New Regulations Impacting Creators

Discover the latest YouTube regulations requiring creators to report AI-generated content. Learn about the obligations and consequences for creators.
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 YouTube has just announced the launch of a new tool in Creator Studio that requires creators to report whether content was created with artificial intelligence (AI). This obligation concerns “content that a viewer could easily confuse with a real person, place, or event,” specifies YouTube.

YouTube AI Content Reporting: New Regulations Impacting Creators

The need to notify the use of AI in realistic content

In November 2023, YouTube had already declared that it would implement new measures on its platform in 2024, including a video editing simplification tool released at the beginning of March.

Today, she affirms her intention to ask creators to mention the use of AI in their content, particularly for videos that appear realistic.

The changes will appear in the form of tags or labels, either in the detailed description of the video or near the video player.

“We do not require creators to disclose content that is manifestly unrealistic, animated, contains special effects, or uses generative AI to assist in production,” YouTube specifies, however.

YouTube is therefore seeking to provide more transparency for content created using generative artificial intelligence.

In a few weeks, the tags will first appear on YouTube's mobile app before being available on the desktop and TV versions. The report will be more or less highlighted depending on the type of video (themes considered sensitive: health, news, elections, finance, etc.).

YouTube AI Content Reporting: New Regulations Impacting Creators

When should the use of AI be mentioned?

From now on, users will be informed when content has been generated or modified by an AI.

As for creators, they will have to adapt their practices to respect these new rules. This measure will help avoid misleading content for consumers.

The new label aims to strengthen transparency with viewers and build trust between creators and their audience,"  YouTube.

Creators will be required to indicate whether they have digitally altered content to “replace one individual’s face with that of another or synthetically generate a person’s voice to narrate a video.”

They will also be required to identify content that alters images of events or locations, such as those that could suggest that a real building is on fire.

Finally, creators will have to inform their subscribers in the event that they have created realistic scenes representing important but fictitious events, such as, for example, a tornado approaching an existing city.

The consequences of creators ignoring AI

While giving its community the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new methods and features, YouTube is considering compliance actions against creators who repeatedly fail to disclose this information.

YouTube reserves the right to apply labels, particularly in cases where altered or artificial content could mislead or deceive viewers.

YouTube warns that penalties will be imposed on creators who repeatedly fail to comply with the rules for reporting AI-produced content. These sanctions could include the removal of the affected videos or temporary suspension from the YouTube Partner Program.

Measures taken in anticipation of the elections in the USA?

This announcement comes following warnings from specialists about the potential dangers of AI and deepfakes during the next American presidential election. 

Nevertheless, this obligation for creators to mention the use of artificial intelligence reflects the awareness of establishing a relationship of trust between creators and consumers of content.

By implementing these measures, YouTube hopes to provide greater clarity in an ever-changing media environment and reaffirm its commitment to a seamless user experience.

YouTube AI Content Reporting - FAQ

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