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Unleash Creative Power! Google's AI Image Generator Boosts Demand Gen

Create Eye-Catching Ads in Seconds! Google AI's Image Generator Supercharges Demand Gen
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Launched in 2023 with the aim of helping advertisers find and convert consumers with multi-format ads powered by AI and brand visual content, Google Ads Demand Gen campaigns now feature generative AI capabilities to create images or variations of images.

Google's AI Image Generator Boosts Demand Gen

Google Ads: Demand Gen now includes an AI image generator.

Tested throughout 2023, the new Demand Gen service, allowing the creation of new advertising formats within Google Ads, including images but also videos, and distributed on the firm's points of contact (YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail), is enriched with new tools. The generation of images by AI is indeed making its appearance within the creation interface and is based on Google AI's in-house tool, namely Gemini.

Powered by Google AI, these tools create stunning, high-quality image assets in just a few steps, Google explains in a blog post.

In a very traditional way, a dialog box integrated into the Google Ads interface will allow advertisers to create images by writing a text prompt. The tool will then generate several visuals to respond to the user's request, with a view to illustrating a Demand Gen campaign. But generation does not just happen ex nihilo. “If you have existing images that perform well, you can generate several variations using the Generate feature,” says Google. The platform, of course, gives you total control over the choice of generated images that you want to use for advertising campaigns.

3 Tips from Google for Optimizing Demand Gen Campaigns

The image generation tool integrated into Google Ads is currently only available in English, but the firm assures that other languages will be added in the coming weeks. At the same time, it ensures that this image generator respects Google's AI rules as well as its general conditions of use; this includes tagging the generated images to inform others of their AI-assisted creation. Google also promises that each image is unique and cannot be generated twice.

Finally, Google provides some advice for optimizing Demand Gen campaigns, specifying that “those who broadcast both video and image ads... recorded 6% more conversions per dollar than those who broadcast image ads only,"  further proving the strong potential of the video format. Here are three other tips shared by Google for optimizing a Demand Gen campaign:

  1. Provide Google AI with the right elements: Google advises “following the rule of three,"  including at least three visuals (image and video) in each format (vertical, square, or landscape) to maximize reach while prioritizing assets “that appear native to each format,"  for example, the vertical format for YouTube shorts.
  2. Use relevant, high-quality visuals: high-resolution videos and images are highly recommended to “build brand trust,” as are product feeds, which, when added to Demand Gen campaigns, can increase conversions by 33% for a similar CPA (cost per action), writes Google.
  3. Evaluate and optimize performance: Google explains that adopting a “test and learn strategy” can make sense while refining creatives based on audiences and objectives. Without forgetting to consult the reports made available.
Revolutionize Demand Gen with Google's AI Image Generator: FAQs

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