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Struggle No More, Devs! Top 10 Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Your Workflow

Unleash your inner coding ninja! Discover 10 FREE Chrome extensions that'll streamline your dev workflow & make you a website-building rockstar.
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Various Chrome extensions can allow different trades to improve their productivity, avoid certain time-consuming tasks, and save precious time on a daily basis by offering various quick and easy-to-use features. Discover, in this article, a selection of ten free Chrome extensions intended to help web developers!

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for web developpers

1. Web Developer

The Web Developer extension adds a browser toolbar and menu with various tools dedicated to web developers. They allow you to manipulate the elements of a page, validate code, or visualize design elements such as grids or locations. The extension thus offers quick access to features that facilitate the debugging, design, and optimization of websites.

Download the Web Developer extension.

2. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer helps identify the different technologies used on websites, including CMS, development frameworks, analysis tools, and many others. This extension is useful for developers who want to understand what technologies a website is built with. It can also help with market and competition analysis or simply satisfy curiosity about how a website is designed.

Discover the Wappalyzer extension.

3. Lighthouse

An open-source automated tool developed by Google, Lighthouse provides audits for performance, accessibility, and SEO to improve the quality of sites and web pages. Developers can use this extension to obtain detailed recommendations on improving their web structure, but also to offer a better user experience or to achieve better rankings in search engine results.

Download the Lighthouse extension.

4. Redux DevTools

Redux DevTools is an extension that allows you to inspect every state and every action in applications using Redux, an open-source JavaScript state management library for web applications. The tool offers features such as time-travel debugging, i.e., the ability to return to previous states of the application. For developers using Redux, this extension helps understand data flow and identify bugs.

Discover the Redux DevTools extension.

5. JSONView

JSONView allows you to view and format JSON content directly in your browser. And this in a readable way, instead of presenting it as a block of text. This extension can benefit web developers who regularly work with APIs or JSON configurations, in particular because it makes it easier to read and debug JSON data.

Download the JSONView extension.

6. User-Agent Switcher

With User-Agent Switcher, developers will be able to simulate navigation from different browsers, devices, or devices. This extension is particularly useful for testing the compatibility of websites on different browsers or devices without having to physically use them. This greatly facilitates responsive development and allows for significant productivity gains.

Discover the User-Agent Switcher extension.

7. SEOquake

SEOquake is a free plugin that provides many instant SEO metrics on any web page. It also offers other analysis tools, such as page audits, domain comparisons, and backlink analysis. SEOquake allows web developers to optimize their websites for search engines and to identify and correct potential SEO problems.

Download the SEOquake extension.

8. Check my links.

With Check My Links, it is possible to quickly browse a web page and check each link in order to identify which ones may be broken. The extension thus allows you to ensure the proper functioning of all the links present on a page, which, ultimately, provides the opportunity to improve the user experience as well as natural referencing.

Discover the Check My Links extension.

9. Talend API Tester

With Talend API Tester, web developers can create and execute HTTP/S requests, view responses, and test the performance of REST, SOAP, or HTTP APIs. Very practical for professionals working with APIs, this extension simplifies the testing and debugging of requests and facilitates functionality validation and problem resolution.

Download the Talend API Tester extension.

10. Clear Cache

The Clear Cache extension allows web developers to clear their cache and other browsing data with a single click, without navigating through Chrome menus. It provides the ability to select the types of data to be erased, improving the efficiency of the development process by ensuring that changes are immediately visible. It is a handy tool for testing changes, debugging, and optimizing website performance, making the development workflow smoother and faster.

Discover the Clear Cache extension.

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers (FAQ)

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