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Is Dailymotion Gunning for YouTube's Crown? B2B Play Could Be a Game-Changer

Dailymotion's bold move: Can they woo professionals and challenge YouTube's dominance? Unleash your content's potential!
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Dailymotion is moving towards the business market with the development of Dailymotion Pro. This initiative aims to offer a platform adapted to professional needs, with an emphasis on personalization and graphic design for client companies.

Is Dailymotion Gunning for YouTube's Crown? B2B Play Could Be a Game-Changer

Vivendi's strategy and growth objectives

Under the leadership of Vivendi (which bought the platform in 2015), Dailymotion plans to attract 7,000 new customers within four years, focusing on different sectors such as retail, internal communications, live events, and video marketing.

The company, which already has 3,000 customers, hopes to reach 10,000 customers by 2028.

Focus on advertising and potential evolution

Despite this new direction, advertising remains Dailymotion's main source of revenue.

At the same time, discussions about a possible split from Vivendi could impact Dailymotion, potentially aligning it more with Canal+.

Dailymotion technology and its future ambitions

Dailymotion, already widely used by French media, is banking on its proven technology to reconquer the market and extend its influence beyond European borders.

The platform also plans to exploit artificial intelligence to enrich its offerings and differentiate itself in a market dominated by players like YouTube.

The new B2B offer and income diversification

Dailymotion Pro, intended for businesses, would offer video hosting and streaming services with an eco-responsible approach and be compliant with the GDPR.

This diversification should help grow Dailymotion's revenue on top of its existing advertising model and reach its goal of one billion users by 2026.

Dailymotion's New Strategy: Can They Conquer the B2B Market?

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