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Hidden Danger! Facebook Pixel Skimmers Threaten Your Website!

Is your website secretly stealing customer data? Devious Facebook Pixel skimmers can lurk undetected. Learn how to identify and stop them before it's
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Did you know that credit card skimmers can hide in seemingly harmless scripts on your website? Learn how to identify and protect yourself from these insidious threats.


Malicious camouflage: the credit card skimmer

According to cybersecurity experts, attackers have managed to inject a credit card skimmer into a script that masquerades as a Facebook Pixel tracker.

This type of script is typically used to track and optimize the performance of social media advertising campaigns.

However, in this case, the malicious script quietly redirects data to a malicious domain, thereby fooling users and security systems.

Analysis of a malicious Facebook Pixel script

At first glance, the malicious script may appear identical to a legitimate Facebook Pixel script, but close inspection reveals crucial differences.

For example, the domain usually called by the Facebook Pixel code is replaced by a malicious domain.

This subtle change is often hidden by obfuscation techniques, such as using base64-encoded strings that are decoded at runtime.

Obfuscation techniques used

Attackers use sophisticated techniques to camouflage their malicious activities.

For example, they can replace parts of legitimate source code with harmful alternatives without raising suspicion.

This process often includes replacing strings and domains within the script to confuse security tools and website administrators.

Recognize the symptoms of infection.

Detecting a credit card skimmer is not always easy because the symptoms can be subtle.

These malicious scripts usually wait until the user reaches a checkout page to activate their data collection functions.

As these pages load dynamic elements, public scanners often fail to detect the malware.

Protecting your site from credit card skimmers

To protect your site from these threats, it is crucial to keep your systems up-to-date and actively monitor file integrity.

Using a web application firewall and intrusion detection system can also help block malicious traffic and prevent intrusions.

Additionally, it is recommended to regularly review administrator accounts and ensure passwords are strong and regularly updated.

Protect Your Site from Facebook Pixel Skimmers

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