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The Future of AI on Your Desktop: Jan, Your Local ChatGPT (Open Source) is Almost Here!

Unleash powerful, offline AI! Jan, your friendly, open-source ChatGPT, is coming soon to your computer. Be ready for the future of AI!
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Jan is an open-source alternative to ChatGPT, developed to work completely offline on your computer. This project is under development and offers various features for local artificial intelligence.

The Future of AI on Your Desktop: Jan, Your Local ChatGPT (Open Source) is Almost Here!

Jan The ChatGPT, a local and open source version in a few points

Jan would make it possible to run a variety of artificial intelligence models directly on your device, meaning one could use advanced AI models, such as ChatGPT, without the need for an internet connection.

It would be compatible with a wide range of operating systems and hardware, including computers equipped with Nvidia GPUs, as well as Apple Silicon and Intel devices, Linux Debian, and Windows x64.

Jan would offer stable builds and nightly builds for those who would like to test the latest features and improvements.

Users could enable an experimental mode to access new features currently in development, giving them the opportunity to experiment with cutting-edge AI tools.

It would offer flexibility in its installation and use, allowing customization according to the specific needs of each user, particularly for developers and AI professionals.

As an open-source project, contributions from the community could contribute to its evolution.

For users interested in using Nvidia GPUs, Jan would provide instructions for enabling GPU support, which would improve the performance of AI models.

Jan would also provide comprehensive documentation and user guides to help with the installation, configuration, and use of the different AI models.

Technical prerequisites

For Windows, it is necessary to have Windows 10 or higher and, to enable GPU support, an Nvidia GPU with CUDA Toolkit 11.7 or higher. For MacOS, version 10.15 or higher is required, and for Linux, glibc 2.27 or higher is required.

To explore these features further, you can visit Jan's official website and his GitHub page for detailed information, installation instructions, and configuration instructions.

Jan (Local ChatGPT): Your Open-Source AI Companion - FAQ

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