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Threads API: Unleash Publishing Power & Streamline Workflow!

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Threads, the Twitter-like social network, is set to launch its API in June 2024. This API will allow third-party platforms to make it easier to publish and schedule posts on threads. The documentation for this API has just been made public, also announcing the inclusion of post-analysis in its functionalities.

Threads API

What is the Threads API?

The Threads API is designed to allow developers to integrate Threads features into their applications.

It offers capabilities such as user authentication, publishing posts, managing replies, and access to important metrics such as the number of likes or views.

Core API Features

Post management

Users can publish posts, manage replies, set reply controls, and hide or show specific replies.

Analysis of posts

The API provides key post statistics, helping users measure the engagement and effectiveness of their content.

Real-time notifications

Webhooks are provided to send real-time notifications for certain events, such as replies to posts, thus increasing thread management functionality.

How to get started with the Threads API

Creating a refined model

In Google AI Studio, users can easily create a fine-tuned model, making it simple to customize models for specific use cases.

Selecting data for refinement

Data can be imported from Google Sheets or a CSV file, and users can start with as few as 20 examples.

Viewing and using the refined model

Once refinement is complete, models can be viewed and used via a structured or free prompt in Google AI Studio.

Limitations and technical specifications

Posting Limitations

Thread accounts are limited to 250 posts published via the API in 24 hours and 1000 replies in the same time frame.

Media Specifications

Images must be in JPEG or PNG format and videos in MOV or MP4 format, with detailed specifications regarding codecs, frame rates, and dimensions.

Threads API: Your Publishing Powerhouse - FAQs

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