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Organize Your Chats! WhatsApp Unveils 3 New Inbox Categories

Drowning in WhatsApp chats? Take control with 3 brand new sections: All, Unread & Groups!
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WhatsApp 3 New Inbox Categories

WhatsApp integrates three new filters.

In a blog post published on April 16, 2024, WhatsApp announced a change to its messaging interface, with the addition of "filters." . These translate into three new sections aimed at organizing conversations (see image of one):

  • All: This space corresponds to the current organization and integrates all the discussions.
  • Unread: This space is dedicated to messages that have not yet been opened or that have been marked as unread.
  • Groups: group conversations will now have a dedicated tab in the application.

The filters will be visible at the top of the app. To access it, users will be able to click on it or simply swipe the screen to the right or left. WhatsApp says the rollout of this feature begins today.

WhatsApp wants to make search and navigation easier.

In its press release, WhatsApp indicates that this change was made to “help you get organized better, find the most important conversations more quickly, and navigate messages more efficiently." . It will be particularly useful for users who manage a large number of conversations in the application.

With this in mind, certain features have already been deployed on WhatsApp for several years:

  • Word search in discussions: it is possible to use the search tool to find a specific passage of a conversation based on a keyword. You can access it by pressing  , then earching.
  • Search by date: Although search by keyword has been available for several years, search by date in conversations was only integrated last November. The process is identical to that of searching by word.
  • Archived messages: it is possible to store messages in an archived section. They remain accessible in this space, but notifications are deactivated.
  • Searching for unread messages: using the application's general search tool, it is already possible to filter only unread messages. This button could disappear with the introduction of the new filters.
WhatsApp's New Inbox Categories: FAQ

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