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New Google Feature Lets You Find Missing Android Devices Offline—Even Without Internet!

Never lose your Android again! Discover how Google's new feature tracks devices without internet using Bluetooth and a global network.
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How do I find a lost device without an Internet connection? This question often resonates among users of smartphones and other connected gadgets. Google provides an answer with the new version of its Find My Device service. This new feature, which will be deployed in France on May 25, 2024, promises to transform the way we find our lost devices, even without an Internet connection!

New Google Feature Lets You Find Missing Android Devices Offline—Even Without Internet!

A locator network inspired by the Apple model

The new Google Find feature is inspired by Apple's Find My Network. Until now, Google's Find My App only allowed devices to be found if they were connected to the Internet.

This limitation is now overcome through a collaborative network that relies on Android's vast user base.

Operation without an Internet connection thanks to Bluetooth

The major innovation of this update lies in the ability to find devices not connected to the Internet using Bluetooth.

Each compatible Android smartphone (Android 9 minimum) can now participate anonymously in this location network.

Concretely, your lost device can send a Bluetooth signal that is discoverable by other Android devices nearby. The latter, by capturing the signal, transmits the location information to Google, which then communicates it to you.

This network relies on more than a billion Android devices in circulation, significantly increasing the chances of finding a lost device. The scale and ubiquity of the Android network provide a distinctive advantage over other location solutions.

Extended compatibility with third-party accessories and devices

In addition to smartphones and tablets, Google Find extends to various connected accessories. Headphones and headsets compatible with the Google Fast Pair protocol can be found via this network, as can trackers attached to objects such as key rings, wallets, or bicycles.

Surprisingly, this feature is also compatible with Apple's AirTags, a rare collaboration between two tech giants.

Google and Apple have also worked together to develop a common standard to prevent unwanted tracking by Bluetooth cookies.

This initiative includes brands like Pebblebee, Chipolo, Motorola, Jio, and Eufy for key fobs, as well as JBL and Sony for headsets.

The advantages and limitations of this new feature

Advantages :

  1. Location without an Internet connection: the ability to find devices even without an active connection.
  2. Massive collaborative network: leveraging the Android user base, increasing the chances of finding devices.
  3. Wide Compatibility: It works with various accessories and even Apple products like AirTags.
  4. Security and anonymity: Location information is shared anonymously.

Limits :

  1. Android Exclusive: This feature only applies to Android devices, excluding users of other operating systems.
  2. Minimum Compatibility: Requires at least Android 9, leaving aside older devices.

How to access Google Find My

To take advantage of this new feature, make sure your device is up-to-date with the latest version of the Google Find app. You can access the online service here.

Find Your Offline Android Device - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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