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Is Your Site Still Struggling After the Helpful Content Update? Here's Why (and How to Recover!)

Frustrated by Slow Recovery After Helpful Content Update? Discover Why & How to Reclaim Your Rankings!
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Google's Helpful Content Update shook up rankings, leaving many sites scrambling to recover. Why do some sites struggle to bounce back despite their efforts? How do Google update dynamics influence rankings?


Changes brought by the helpful content update

HCU, introduced in September 2023, was designed to improve the quality of search results by favoring content that is informative, relevant, and useful to users.

However, several sites have seen a drastic drop in their online visibility, despite improvements to their content. John Mueller, a Google representative, explained that recovery may take longer than before.

Recovery Challenges

When asked if sites affected by HCU can hope for recovery, John Mueller reiterated that they can regain their positions if they improve their content.

However, re-evaluating the rankings can take months or even require another update cycle.

This extended duration can be discouraging for site owners who have worked hard to improve their content.

The influence of general updates

The Helpful Content Update also highlighted the relationship between general algorithm updates and site recovery.

According to Mueller, general updates, which occur every few months, are essential for a full reevaluation of sites.

He also noted that the improvements made do not guarantee automatic recovery, as the quality of competition also influences rankings.

The frustration of the SEO community

The SEO community reacted strongly to this situation. Lily Ray, a notable industry figure, expressed her frustration on Twitter, stating that some sites have lost over 90% of their visibility since HCU, despite the improvements.

Helpful Content Update Recovery: Your FAQ Guide

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