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Is Twitch the Future of Journalism? Live Engagement Shakes Up the News

Forget stuffy news anchors! Twitch is shaking up journalism with live, interactive news. Can streamers become the new journalists?
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Twitch is transforming journalism by providing a space where live interaction and immersive debates become the norm. How has this platform disrupted traditional media, and why is it attracting more and more journalists?


A new stage for live journalism

The major advantage of Twitch is its ability to create a space dedicated to “live news.".

Unlike traditional media, which offers a more passive consumption experience, Twitch encourages real-time interaction between content creators and audiences.

This transforms discussions into collective debates, and classic journalistic norms are more than turned upside down.

Live interaction with Hasan Piker

The very popular political commentator on Twitch, with 2.6 million subscribers, interacts directly with his audience or answers their questions in real time.

This dynamic fosters authentic exchanges, which have proven very lucrative for Piker, generating approximately $65,000 per month from his interactive shows.

More limited interactions and participation

Some channels, like the Washington Post, make an effort to interact with their audience, but in a more limited way, responding only to comments in chat without direct intervention.

Despite everything, it is a clear evolution compared to traditional methods.

Traditional Media in the Age of Twitch

The rise of Twitch is pushing traditional media to innovate.

The example of the Washington Post is particularly striking. Their show “Playing Games with Politicians” transformed political interviews into friendly discussions around video games, skillfully mixing current affairs and entertainment.

  • Blurring the lines: By blurring the lines between news and entertainment, this series brings a fresh perspective on politics, attracting a younger and more diverse audience. A format that goes off the beaten track and is now the most popular on the channel.
  • Symbiosis between gaming and journalism: As Max Foxman, professor of media studies, explains, games and news often converge on the terrain of economic, social, and cultural issues. Traditional media, by exploring these less conventional formats, are finding their place on modern platforms.

A global shift towards streaming

This change is not limited to the United States. In France, France TélévisionsTF1, and BFMTV are also investing in Twitch, partnering with streamers to capture a younger audience.

Twitch is redefining journalism and digital media by providing a space where interaction and immersive content have become the norm. Traditional media outlets are no longer able to ignore this trend and are adapting their strategies to stay relevant in this evolving ecosystem.

Is Twitch the Future of Journalism? | Live Streaming News & Engagement

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