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Struggling with Online Harassment? Find Your Safe Haven in Women's Social Networks

Feeling silenced online? Women's social networks offer a supportive space to connect, share, and thrive free from sexism. Discover the power of commun
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 Women's social networks are experiencing rapid growth, providing secure spaces for exchange against cyberharassment and sexism. How do these platforms give women a voice again and promote a more positive digital environment?

Women's Social Networks

The context and the rise of women's networks

Social networks dedicated specifically to women have experienced rapid growth in recent years, creating caring and secure spaces for exchange, such as WeMoms or TheSorority.

This expansion addresses the many challenges women face online, including sexism, sexualization of bodies, and cyberharassment.

According to an Ipsos study carried out in November 2023, 84% of victims of cyberviolence are women. Furthermore, the High Council for Equality (HCE) has highlighted that digital technology amplifies sexist bias.

Emerging communities: MeufLes Martines

Faced with this observation, female entrepreneurs have mobilized to create exclusively female spaces.

Claire Suco, creator of the social network Meuf, explains that the idea came to her when she was looking for a space to speak freely about her personal experience.

The app allows women to discuss various topics without fear of negative comments or judgment.

Les Martines, founded by Marine Defaux, fills a similar need by providing users with an environment to share advice and encouragement on topics ranging from health to travel.

The particularity of these networks

These new platforms have the common objective of giving women a voice again in an environment where they feel supported.

The emphasis is on text rather than photos to avoid the pressure of idealized publications.

Strict moderation systems, such as at Meuf and Les Martines, ensure the security of exchanges by banning problematic users and guaranteeing anonymity if necessary.

Strict moderation for a secure environment

To maintain a safe space, Meuf manually verifies each new profile, requiring an ID card and photo. Users can report posts, which are then reviewed before possible sanctions.

Les Martines blocks screenshots and prohibits copy-pasting to protect sensitive data. These moderation methods help create a positive and encouraging community.

An immediate success, but an economic model under construction

These networks have met with dazzling successMeuf had to limit registrations after more than 30,000 people pre-registered, while Les Martines welcomed more than 1,000 users shortly after its launch.

However, the economic model remains uncertain. Les Martines plans a monthly subscription and advertising, while Meuf plans a marketplace and events to monetize its platform.

Despite these uncertainties, the founders remain determined to maintain an environment where women can exchange and help each other without fear.

Finding Safe & Supportive Women's Social Networks Online (FAQ)

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