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Devastating Cyberattack Hits Pension Institution: Thousands at Risk

Shocking Cyberattack: Uniprévoyance Pension Fund Falls Victim to Devastating Ransomware Attack!
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 There is a new cyberattack in the insurance world. “We inform you that Uniprévoyance was the target of a ransomware cyberattack, which we identified on May 20, 2024, at 6:30 p.m.,” explains the provident institution on the home page of its website.

In this case, as soon as this attack was detected, Uniprévoyance indicated that it had triggered its crisis response, in particular by isolating its information system "as soon as it was detected in order to avoid any worsening of the situation." On May 21, a complaint was filed with the public prosecutor, and an initial declaration was sent to the CNIL. A report to the ACPR and then to the ANSSI was also made on May 22.

“The internal teams of the IT systems department are fully mobilized and working with experts in cyber crises, as well as experts in each technical field concerned, in order to reopen services as quickly as possible and in complete security,” specifies the provident institution. Before adding that “all activities will resume gradually”.

Data privacy 'compromised'

Uniprévoyance also emphasizes that the first investigations carried out by its technical teams “have demonstrated that the confidentiality of personal data is compromised. At this stage, we are not aware of the reuse of this data, but some could be taken out of our information systems.

In 2023, Uniprévoyance recorded €921 million in contributions, a figure up 9% compared to the previous financial year.

When contacted, Uniprévoyance was unable to answer our questions at the time of publishing this article.

The recent ransomware attack on Uniprévoyance has raised significant concerns among its clients and stakeholders. With the confidentiality of personal data compromised, the institution is taking swift action to mitigate the impact.

Steps taken by Uniprévoyance

Uniprévoyance has assured its clients that it has promptly implemented its crisis response plan. This included isolating its information system to prevent further damage, filing a complaint with the public prosecutor, and notifying relevant authorities, including the CNIL, ACPR, and ANSSI. These steps were taken within days of the attack's detection, underscoring the institution's commitment to transparency and swift action.

Mobilizing Expertise

The institution's internal IT teams are working tirelessly alongside cybersecurity experts to restore services securely. Uniprévoyance has emphasized that while it is not yet aware of any misuse of compromised data, they are taking all necessary precautions to protect client information and prevent future breaches.

Financial Impact and Recovery

Despite the attack, Uniprévoyance remains financially robust, having recorded €921 million in contributions in 2023, marking a 9% increase from the previous year. The institution is focused on resuming all activities gradually, ensuring that the reopening of services is done with maximum security and reliability.

Client Communication and Support

Uniprévoyance has pledged to keep its clients informed as the situation develops. They have set up dedicated support channels to address client concerns and provide guidance on protecting personal information. Clients are encouraged to monitor their accounts closely and report any suspicious activity.

Future precautions and enhancements

In light of this cyberattack, Uniprévoyance is evaluating and strengthening its cybersecurity measures. This includes enhancing data encryption, conducting comprehensive security audits, and investing in advanced threat detection systems to safeguard against future attacks.


The ransomware attack on Uniprévoyance serves as a stark reminder of the growing cyber threats faced by financial institutions. While the immediate focus is on recovery and protecting client data, the institution is committed to learning from this incident and fortifying its defenses to prevent a recurrence.

Cyberattack on Pension Institution - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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